Infographics are fast becoming a common way to display information. A well designed infographic can convey a larger understanding of a difficult subject, and can help people make visual connections in a vast sea of data to better absorb and retain it. Infographics started out mostly as a tool for scientific information, but recently their use in “softer” subjects has increased rapidly.

The folks over at Funders and Founders have been designing infographics with a simple mission – to inspire people to realize their potential. They have constructed motivational designs to push people to learn, to focus, to be more productive, and their creations also define the habits of many successful famous people. One that stands out particularly in my mind is titled “Too Late to Learn?”, and details the lives of several actors, artists, writers, and others who didn’t learn their trade until later in life but were still very successful.


Another colorful infographic they produced is this chart that breaks down different forms of intelligence.


Check out their website for more inspiration and motivation from their great designs!