Welcome to TravelFoodArtandDesign.com! (Wow, that’s a mouthful.. but straight to the point!)

Here, we’ll share stories and information about some of our favorite subjects. Some will be personal experiences, while others will be neat stories we’ve found while traversing the vastness of the internet. Things may look a little… bare… at the moment, but our hope is to fill these pages with the things we love, and maybe incite a little passion in our readers minds too!

To break it down:

  • Travel – Whether we’ve been there or want to go there, we’ll write about it here!
  • Food – From the familiar and comfortable to the bizarre and eclectic, we want to explore anything and everything that goes in our bellies!
  • Art – The broadest of subjects, this section could really include anything! We love everything from classical to modern, the tiniest of paintings to the most massive murals, crafty knitters to metal sculptors, and so much more!
  • Design – We’ve got a bunch of design geeks hanging around, so you’ll find us writing about a variety of things like graphic design, web design, typography and programs.

Take a look around! We hope you enjoy reading about a few of our favorite things as much as we enjoy sharing them!